Research papers under development, August 2022

As the project enters the final stages, a series of research papers are being prepared to share the final findings to emerge during the two year implementation period. These include:

  • A systematic and narrative review of local dissemination in the downstream of tsunami early warning

Authors: Haigh.R, Amaratunga.D, Dias.N and Rahayu.H

This article reports on the first phase of the project, which aimed to develop a better understanding of tsunami early warning at the local level. This stage of the study provides a state-of-the-art review, drawing upon published international studies and guidance published between 2005 and 2021. The review informs the development of a conceptual framework that provides a basis for further empirical investigations in Indonesia.

Key issues addressed by the paper include: the key actors, the stages or pathways of early warning, and the communication channels including the role of social media. The final questions attempt to draw out the current gaps and potential strategies to improve localisation of tsunami early warning. In addition, the analysis also explores the characteristics of the literature, such as the geographical focus of published work, the year of publication and the approach of the individual studies.

  • Developments in tsunami early warning for Bali, Indonesia between 2006 and 2022 – achievements and remaining gaps

Authors: Rahayu. H, Wahdiny. I, Haigh. R, Amaratunga. D, Dias. N

This article reports on the results of fieldwork carried out in Bali during 2021/22, and compares the state of tsunami warning to previous studies from 2006, revealing important insights into how early warning has developed over the period, achievements to date, but also gaps that remain.

  • A study into local tsunami early warning in Padang, Indonesia

Authors: Rahayu. H, Wahdiny.I, Haigh.R, Amaratunga.D, Dias. N

This article reports on the results of fieldwork carried out in Padang during 2021/22, and compares the findings to previous studies, including those revealed in the project’s systematic review and other studies in Bali. The collective findings are used to present an overall conceptual framework that sets out the key dimensions of effective tsunami warning at the local level.

  • Briefing paper on localising tsunami early warning

Authors: Haigh.R, Rahayu.H, Amaratunga.D, Dias.N, Wahdiny.I

A briefing paper, targeting policy makers in Indonesia and other countries facing a threat from tsunami, summarises the key findings to emerge from across the project, including insights from the systematic review, and fieldwork in Bali and Padang. The paper sets out the current state of tsunami early warning, drawing upon the underpinning research from the scientific papers, as well as recommendations for future work.